Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Sports Massage: Benefits and Effects

Sports massage plays an important role in every athlete's life, whether injured or not. Massage has many physical, physiological and psychological benefits.

Massage improves the health of the body
- Helps prevent injuries and loss of mobility
-Heals and restores the mobility of damaged muscle tissue
-Improves performance
-Lengthens your sports career

Physical effects of sports massage

Improves blood circulation - Massage smoothing movements boost blood and lymphatic circulation. Compressive movements create a vacuum behind the area, which is especially important in treating rigid or damaged muscle tissue, as rigid muscles absorb blood like sponge and deprive the tissues of vital nutrients and energy for healing.

Increases tissue permeability - Deep massage opens pores of tissue membranes to allow fluid and nutrients to pass through. It helps remove toxins, lactic acid, and stimulates the muscles to take in oxygen and nutrients, which aids their healing.

Stretching - Massage can also be used to stretch tissues that cannot be stretched by traditional methods. These muscle fibers can be stretched longitudinally and transversely. Massage can also be used to stretch the thin connective tissue membrane covering the muscle, relieving all tension in the muscle.

Scar tissue breakdown - Scar tissue, which is the result of a previous injury or trauma, affects the muscle, tendons, and ligaments. All this can lead to loss of elasticity of the tissues, such as injury and pain.

Improves Textile Elasticity - Hard training can make tissues hard and inflexible. This is one of the reasons that hard training does not lead to improvement. Massage helps reverse this process by stretching the tissues.

Physiological effects of sports massage

Analgesia - Muscle tension and the build-up of toxins often cause pain. Massage reduces this in a number of ways, including endorphin release.

Relaxation - As a result of heat, stretching and increased blood flow, the muscles relax.

Psychological effects of massage

Anxiety suppressant - As a result of the above, the muscles relax and relax, which reduces the level of anxiety in the body.

Invigorating - When massaged with agile, vigorous movements, it has a revitalizing, refreshing effect on the body.

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